Disaster Planning & Backup Solutions
Protecting Your Greatest Asset

Tape robotic backupWhether by human error, hardware failure, electrical disruptions, or natural disaster, system failures can simply happen. To survive in today's threat environment, organizations of all sizes must understand the costs of business interruption. The most effective way to lessen the impact and recover from them quickly is careful preparation of planning and implementing a business continuity plan.

Today's enterprise backup systems are complicated and highly customized. Configuring these backup systems correctly can be complex and daunting. A single misconfigured setting can lead to performance degradation, poor resource utilization, or worse, non-recoverability of important data. Our comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan are designed so that you can have your mission critical systems back online and running with minimal disruption to allow you to continue doing business in the event of a disaster.

What's the difference?

  • Backing up is the process of safeguarding your data by copying it to a safe medium for recovery in the event of loss
  • Disaster recovery is the process of restoring operations that are critical to your business after a disaster occurs
  • Business continuity is the creation of a plan that details how your organization will recover and restore interrupted functions after a disaster

Data Protection Strategies:

Vootwerk provides your organization with the confidence in a system that works and protects your business against the implications of a workplace disaster. We will monitor the plan and processes as well as conduct regular testing and in this way we can guarantee your ultimate data security.

At Vootwek, we have proficient experience enhancing backup strategies to ensure an effective disaster recovery plan is in place. Whether we control existing IT infrastructure or design new, we ensure we implement comprehensive data backup system that minimizes recovery time. We provide a solution that is affordable, scalable and ready to meet any of the future business data requirements.