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Flexibility and Choice

Microsoft Exchange ServersFor most organizations, structured email messaging has evolved into a mission critical application. Its use within an organization has grown from a simple email tool to include contact management, scheduling and file sharing. Today, employees expect for robust, efficient access to email, calendars, attachments, contacts and more, no matter where they are or what type of devices they are using. Our trained email messaging support professionals can ensure that your email service runs smoothly. We provide the expertise and knowledge to manage your organization's email messaging environments that are on the data center, in the cloud or a mix of both. We will assist you to improve security, functionality, and performance while reducing cost and time spent on maintenance.

Email messaging system requires expensive hardware and software in addition to dedicated IT resources to ensure availability and performance. Any downtime can dramatically impact on the effectiveness of employees and the efficiency of your organization. Our managed email messaging service is designed to help your organization to communicate more effectively and efficiently. We provide a robust email messaging solution and scalable architecture. This solution will integrate wireless, remote, and desktop email access with a level class of service that is both affordable and easy to use. We will work with you and all key members of your organization to determine your specific email messaging requirements.

Optimize Your Messaging Environment With Microsoft Solutions

The most popular messaging and collaboration application for enterprise level is Microsoft Exchange solution. It offers significant advantages compared to other email systems and has the capability to provide a comprehensive communications and collaboration environment for your organization. Developed with the goal of driving cost and complexity out of the messaging system, Microsoft Exchange was designed to enable low cost mailboxes, offered more storage options, and increased the reliability of the email functions. Another benefit of Microsoft Exchange is the enhance security features for its users. This enhanced security allows organizations to feel confident that their messaging system is protected at all times and allows employees and customers to utilize the email system to its full potential.

Microsoft Exchange Managed Service

Our managed messaging service offers all of the features and flexibility of Microsoft Exchange solution deployment with the added benefit of outsourced management. We can provide planning, deployment, and implementation of various Microsoft Exchange Server products for effective email messaging system in your organization. Our consultants can administer your current environment of Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, 2007, or 2010 version from medium as well as large scale infrastructure. We will maintain the best proven practices to ensure a robust, secure and cost effective implementation. With our managed messaging service, it will reduce the cost of managing Microsoft Exchange and improve the availability and productivity.

Managed Exchange Service feature summary:

  • Provide a fully featured Microsoft Exchange solution ensuring high security, availability, and performance
  • Comprehensive real time monitoring and remote server management to ensure availability, performance, and capacity of system resources are maximized without compromising quality of service
  • Proactive security management including patching and configuring of high level protection through firewalls, antivirus, spam and content filtering
  • Manage compliance archiving including resilient data storage with seamless data backup and disaster recovery plan
  • Design and planning migration, deployment, or upgrade from legacy Microsoft Exchange Server to newer version

Microsoft Exchange Online Service

Microsoft Exchange Online is a cloud based of fully managed enterprise messaging solution with the robust capabilities of an on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server deployment. Not until a few years ago, small and medium businesses had a few options for enterprise level messaging system for their organizations. Today, any organizations can take the same benefits previously reserved for large enterprises without the costs, installation and provision any new hardware or software. Microsoft Exchange Online provides your organization with large mailbox sizes that can be accessible from any location, the web, and any internet enabled mobile devices. For a low, fixed and predictable per user monthly fee, Microsoft Exchange Online can deliver enterprise-grade comprehensive messaging and collaboration with security and reliability that your organization requires.

Microsoft Exchange Online feature summary:

  • Allocate each user with massive 25 gigabytes (GB) mailbox storage and let them send email messages up to 30 megabytes (MB)
  • Feel more secure with Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange which offers multi-layered, anti-spam filtering, and virus scanning engines with continuous updates to help guard against email spam, viruses, and phishing threats
  • Connect with full interoperability and functionality of the same Microsoft Outlook including Outlook Anywhere that your employees are already familiar, whether they are connected to the Internet in the office or at home or simply they are working offline
  • Provide the same core features of Microsoft Exchange Server, so your organizations can get enterprise-class messaging capabilities that are needed to be productive
  • Share your calendar, schedule meetings, and access your email from nearly any web browser while keeping the rich and familiar Outlook experience with Microsoft Outlook Web App
  • Multiple support options for Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, Palm, Nokia, and Blackberry devices

Deployment FlexibilityMicrosoft Exchange Server is available both as on-premises enterprise messaging solution and as a hosted service. We can tailor the specific needs of your organization with the agility to adapt and scale to the right deployment option as the business changes. Your organization will have messaging and collaboration solution to maximize its productivity, whether you select to deploy Microsoft Exchange Server on-premises, host your mailboxes with Microsoft Exchange Online or combine these two options in a hybrid deployment. Our managed messaging solution can ensure your end-to-end messaging and collaboration infrastructure are available and secure.