Cloud Integration
Hybrid Cloud Implementation and Migration

Cloud computing providersA wide range of services have now moved to the Cloud and organizations are seeing the benefits. Over the past year many small to medium sized businesses moved a portion of their IT to the Cloud because of its appealing offer of a small monthly fee to transform their existing technology cost from a capital expense to an operational expense. In short, all or part of IT infrastructure can be hosted on the Cloud. While Cloud computing services can reduce costs on maintenance and support fees for many organizations, for others it is often times beneficial to maintain servers and desktops at their business location. This type of Cloud computing is known as Hybrid Cloud solution.

A Hybrid Cloud approach allows organization to maintain centralized IT resources in-house while uses Cloud-based services for others. The availability of Internet bandwidth and server virtualization technology has enabled organizations to use shared computing resources with external provider. The Hybrid Cloud solution is a perfect way to step into the Cloud without fully committing the whole of IT infrastructure to it.

Connecting Business to the Cloud:

Organizations need to weigh the value added by moving to a shared computing model. We can help you analyze your existing IT infrastructure and identify the cost savings. We can then help phase the transition of partial migration of your IT infrastructure and explore the Hybrid Cloud adoption to meet your business needs.

At Vootwerk, we can assist your organization with choosing the right Cloud solution provider, migrate your applications and seamlessly integrate your applications existing processes.